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2% of Marketers Make 98% of the Wealth And This Is Why:

Smart Business know that Online Marketing Done Right can lead to INSANE GROWTH and long-term success. Top marketers talk about "million dollar sales funnels" and then sell us confusing marketing tools for BIG MONEY.   

These "solutions" often turn into BIG headaches. We build funnels that don't convert, launch campaigns that fall short, and keep looking for more tools to fix it all.
This is why 2% of the marketers make 98% of the wealth...

Because they understand that long-term success is more than sending traffic to a funnel and building a list ... the TOP 2% are KILLING IT because they're using SMART behavioral automation.

These tools and techniques have traditionally been VERY expensive, and take years to learn.  What if YOU could use the same tools and techniques as the TOP 2% marketers for a FRACTION of the cost?  

Getting Into The 2% Finally Made EASY. And Fun!

Now you can ... with Smarketly.  Come see how Smarketly makes marketing accessible and easy for marketers of all skill levels (not just the 2%). 

A Marketing Automation System To Help You

Focus On The Core of Your Business

Funnel Builder

Manage your marketing campaigns with proven funnel templates or create new ones by combining landing pages, forms, overlays, emails and other elements in any order.


Choose from dozens of popular 3rd-party web apps and integrate them with your account with a single click of a button.

Automation Rules

Set automation rules based on behavioral data collected from multiple channels to perform certain marketing and sales actions. 

Lead Generation

Capture more leads with your own or professionally-designed opt-in forms and overlays, and make use of multiple triggering and targeting options based on user behavior.

Facebook Automation

Set up smart custom audiences based on user behavior, target them on Facebook with the right messaging, and reach new audiences with Lookalike Audiences.

Email Automation

Run effective sequence and broadcast drip email marketing campaigns, and send trigger-based emails to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Embedded Analytics

Track embedded analytics in each part of your campaigns and analyze your customers’ Activity Feed to improve your online campaigns.

Online Forms

Create any type of forms, connect them to other online services, automate your data-collection process, track and analyze the data.

Running An Online Business Shouldn’t Be So Complicated

Focus On MAKING MONEY - Not On Technical Issues

Forget About Wasting Time Managing All Your Marketing Tools…

Get Ready For The Marketing Solution Your Business Has Been Craving For.

Say you had a One-Stop Marketing Solution that let you:

  • Build CONVERTING funnels designed to make you MONEY and convert ANY type of traffic BETTER

  • Automate marketing tasks, giving you free time to actually build your vision, make a profit and LEAD your life.

  • Manage your marketing campaigns without switching between web apps. No more confusion or monthly expenses.  All in one.

  • Create marketing GRAPHICS and MATERIALS without hiring coders or professional designers

  • Get better opens, clicks & sales with all-in-one email management and deeper segmentation. Super segmented, super money making.

  • Add behavioral triggers to ONE web app to create actions in ANOTHER. Bring deep segmentation and simplicity together.

  • SPY on your customers. See what they do, get their activity feed  from all integrations, services and platforms.

  • Easily manage and re-route LEADS to multiple locations, boosting the value of each leads.

  • Literally SMART TARGET your audience on Facebook. Integrate with Facebook and target them based on their behavior.

That’d be totally amazing, right?

Well, this is now a reality.

Stop struggling & start growing your business the way it’s meant to be with A Powerful Marketing Automation Platform.

Continue reading to find out how marketing automation will change the way you market forever!

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Only $47/month

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Yearly Plan

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Only $33/month

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Grow Your Business Faster, Easier & Smarter. 

Build funnels, drive conversions, automate marketing tasks, analyze and optimize the results with Smarketly.

Smarketly offers a powerful marketing automation platform to grow your online business and boost conversions.

The system works in 4 steps:

Use ready made-templates to build landing pages, overlays, and emails or create your own.

Generate more leads using the overlays and opt-in forms and nurture them into qualified leads.

Convert your website visitors into customers and use data tracking to analyze visitors behavior.

Analyze your funnels by running A/B testing and optimize them according to the results.

The Must-Have Machine 

To Sell Anything Online and Make MASSIVE Profit

From One Place

Smarketly powers your marketing by delivering all the tools you need to manage your digital campaigns.

Drag & Drop Everything

Our website constructor will make crafting landing pages, emails, overlays and forms a breeze

Templates Built to Convert

Fully-customizable funnel templates are eager to start guiding traffic on your website

Catchy Overlays

Your landing pages, overlays and emails will look stunning and catch the eye of your visitors

Code-free Setups

Customize, edit and publish pages without involvingdevelopers

Mobile-Responsive Design

Use templates or create funnels, landing pages, overlays and forms thatlook great on all devices

Web Integrations

Connect with dozens of 3rd-party services for more control over your campaigns

Behavior-based Triggers

Interact with leads and customers based on their actions in real-time

Save Time with Automation

Free yourself up to do more important tasks and get creative like only humans can

Split Testing & Analytics

Find out how well your funnel elements are doing byanalyzing AB tests

Instantly Save Hundreds Per Month By Having All The Fancy Schmancy Marketing Tools In One Place
Aligned With Your One Business Goal.

Take a look at Smarketly's comprehensive features checklist

Conversion funnels

Funnel templates

Funnel builder

Page hosting 

Page and funnel cloning

Element cloning

Landing Page builder

Popup builder

Form builder

Email builder

Hundreds of templates

Mobile responsiveness

Custom domains

SSL Certificate

2-step optin

Countdown timers

Progress bars

Material box

Page redirection

Pricing table

WordPress integrations

Agency package


Custom scripts

Custom CSS

Custom HTML

Hidden elements

Automation rules

Lead magnets

Exit intent/welcome mat

Precise element positioning 

Instant publishing

Embedded analytics

SEO page settings

Lead capture tools

100% flexible editor

Smart Facebook Pixel

Facebook integration app

FB Lookalike audience builder

FB Custom audience builder

Easy video embed

Vast font selection

Video autoplay

Social sharing buttons

Form validation

Sticky header

Contacts activity feed

Timed elements

Join the Smarketly Community Today!

Monthly Plan


Only $47/month

billed monthly

Smarketly Monthly Launch DealGet Started

Yearly Plan

Get the annual plan and save over 33% -
That's 3 FREE months!

Only $33/month

billed annually

Smarketly Yearly Launch DealGet Started

Smarketly Has Been Reviewed & Approved By Many Of The
Top Internet Marketers Online, Including:


Smarketly Integrations

Connect popular marketing and sales apps with Smarketly’s platform to facilitate data exchange and streamline your workflow.

You can still work with best-of-breed services that you currently use and like by integrating them with your Smarketly account

Yes, I Want To Build SMART Funnels, Make More Money & Save Hundreds Per Month!

Who is Smarketly for?

For Business Owners That Wanna Focus On Making Money
Instead Of Managing A Bunch Of Outdated,
Expensive & Confusing Softwares.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business owner or run an SMB…

You can still use our marketing automation platform

Join the Smarketly Community Today!

Monthly Plan


Only $47/month

billed monthly

Smarketly Monthly Launch DealGet Started

Yearly Plan

Get the annual plan and save over 33% -
That's 3 FREE months!

Only $33/month

billed annually

Smarketly Yearly Launch DealGet Started

We Provide A Full Walkthrough of Smarketly

All members of the Smarketly family get access to our vast knowledge base that presents the most frequently asked questions together with an explanation of how to solve them. 

You'll be guided through Smarketly with the help of the step-by-step Activation Guide,
so that you can get your campaigns up and running quickly.

However, if you do run into an obstacle, our helpful Support Team is here to help you get right back on track!

Smarketly is committed to:

Our development team is always monitoring trends and will keep on tweaking Smarketly until it suits all of your needs

We plan on releasing additional tools, features and capabilities to make Smarketly even more effective and efficient for you

We want you to get the most from your investment, which is why we welcome all your ideas and feedback

You’ve waited long enough! Time for you to start growing your business smarter with Smarketly

Yes, I Want To Build SMART Funnels, Make More Money & Save Hundreds Per Month!

Early Adopter Program FAQs

What is Smarketly?

Smarketly is an affordable, highly-developed marketing automation solution for entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels that puts advanced marketing automation features at your fingertips.

Send your visitors on an ideal journey by setting up a conversion funnel that responds to user behavior. Streamline the process using the most popular web apps and do it all without the help of professional coders or designers.



How is it different from Zapier?

Zapier allows you to move data from one web app to another.

In additional to Smarketly’s multiple features, it allows you to create behavioral targeting triggers based on data that you get from each one of the web apps and set up actions based on these triggers.

It is the home for all your marketing and sales activities - where all the spokes come together.



What features does the platform have?

Smarketly offers a wide range of must-have features for every marketer and small business owner.

With it, you can set up converting marketing funnels, create unique landing pages, popups, forms and emails with the Drag & Drop Builder, link your favorite web services and apps to streamline data exchange, break down your audience into segments, manage contacts and create behavior-based automation rules - all through one platform.



What makes Smarketly different from other marketing tools?

Smarketly lets you to manage all your marketing campaigns from one place without having to integrate a vast number of expensive tools to get small tasks done or hire a team of developers and designers, saving you tons of time, money and effort.



I am new to marketing automation. Will it still work for me?

Of course! The platform is designed for seasoned and novice marketers alike.

We set up extensive step-by-step guides to onboard and activate new customers, in addition to our growing Knowledge Base article library. Plus, our Support Team is here to assist and guide you through any process.



Is Smarketly easy to use?

Yes, it is. For the most part, the platform is quite intuitive & self-explanatory, but we have a vast resource library to help you out.

Make use of our guides to learn the ropes and tutorials to cement your knowledge of Smarketly’s features and forget about all the troubles of hiring developers and designers. See for yourself!



What if I am a small business owner and have zero coding or designing skills?

That’s not a problem. We have a number of free templates for you to choose from, plus we have illustrative guides so that you don’t have to write a single line of code yourself.



How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with our Support Team by following this link. For a quicker solution, look for an answer in our Knowledge Base.